Doble ManDoble was founded in 2007 by the twin brothers Luis Javier and Miguel Ángel Córdoba Pelegrín. After a long and diverse artistic career encompassing magic, circus and acrobatics, they have decided to develop their own productions as creators and performers of their company’s work.

Previously part of the foundation Hopla Circus, they achieved great success, touring for 5 years around Europe, Israel, Mexico and China with their piece “La Familia Rodríguez”.

Doble ManDoble performances are distinguished by their energy, inventiveness and absurd humour, as well as by their technical expertise in various disciplines such as magic and acrobatics, all melded together to form a mise-en-scène overflowing with the poetic and the visual. The public is seduced by the beauty and originality of their work, often spontaneously bursting into laughter.

They have been honoured with distinguished international awards recognising the quality of their work and their excellent staging.

The company’s first production was a clownesque magic piece entitled “Los aros indomables”.

In 2009, Doble Mandoble again plunged themselves into the creation and presentation of a new show entitled “Mi otro yo”. This show creates a new approach to magic via an impeccable fusion of circus and the manipulation of objects, with the addition of theatrical staging and burlesque. It is not about a demonstration of the effects of magic, rather it is about how these effects serve a new form of funny, original “visual theatre” with that touch of the absurd and the poetic which characterises the company.

In 2001 Doble Mandoble ventured into the realm of street theatre with “La Belle Escabelle”, this work was widely acclaimed for its originality, humor and technical skill.

In 2015 they have created a daring piece in which the most advanced technology takes centre stage, touching on philosophical themes and getting the public involved in issues which directly affect the true essence of what it is to be human. The piece, “Full HD,” shows their maturity in terms of technique and storyline, without leaving behind their originality, spontaneity and profound sense of humour.