New magic – Circus – Physical theatre

Three aristocrats meet for dinner in a genteel atmosphere where good manners are de rigueur. Although the evening seems stylish and bon enfant, the dinner is constantly interrupted by accidents; the dishes take a life of their own, levitating objects cross the room, dream-like characters appear in the dining room. In the meantime, the guests continue to party as if these absurdities were a fact of daily life. And yet, danger is imminent. The walls start to fall but nobody seems to react. What matters above all else: to stay until desert.

Production: Doble Mandoble, KGbe & KOPERGIETERY
Concept and creation: Luis Javier Cordoba, Miguel Angel Cordoba, Andrea Fidelio, Angela Malvasi, Gonzalo Alarcón 
Director: Christine Rossignol

Artistic adviser: Johan De Smet
Lighting design: Kris Van Oudenhove
Sound: Jonas De Wulf
Scenography: Sam de Clercq, Niels Ieven, Sebastien Van Huffel
Costumes: Zeli Bauwens
Production: Polien Demeulemeester eT Gielke Smet 
Support by: Federation Wallonie Bruxelles, Tax Shelter du gouvernement fédéral belge, Embajada de España en el Reino de Belgica

Residencies: La Roseraie, Espace Catastrophe, Archipel 19