New magic – Circus – Physical theatre

On this day, important heads of state are meeting for a historic summit.
Indeed, these very prestigious people are expected to sign agreements
that involve the survival of mankind.

However, their true talents will soon reveal themselves, namely, an
irresistible inclination for incompetence, an incredible propensity for
disorganization and an inordinate passion to serve their own personal ambition…

Performed by remarkable artists from different artistic backgrounds,
this clownish fable depicts with humour and derision the greed, the lust
for power and the abuses in the world when it is ruled by corruption and immaturity.

Production: Doble Mandoble, KGbe & KOPERGIETERY
Concept and creation: Luis Javier Cordoba, Miguel Angel Cordoba, Andrea Fidelio, Angela Malvasi, Gonzalo Alarcón 
Director: Christine Rossignol

Artistic adviser: Johan De Smet
Lighting design: Kris Van Oudenhove
Sound: Jonas De Wulf
Scenography: Sam de Clercq, Niels Ieven, Sebastien Van Huffel
Costumes: Zeli Bauwens
Production: Polien Demeulemeester eT Gielke Smet 
Support by: Federation Wallonie Bruxelles, Tax Shelter du gouvernement fédéral belge, Embajada de España en el Reino de Belgica

Residencies: La Roseraie, Espace Catastrophe, Archipel 19