Mi otro yo de Doble Mandoble

Mi otro yo

In a fantasy universe, not a million miles from our own reality, a day goes by, filled with unexpected situations which bring our protagonists face to face with their multiple identities. We start with the story of two characters, mix in a bit of the absurd, some eggs and a pinch of innocence and we get a delicious, natural, fresh… chicken?

Playing with the threshold of surrealism, Mi otro yo fuses magic with acrobatics and physical theatre, creating a result permeated by humour and poetry.

Director : Rudi Skoctheim Jensen, Performers mi otro yo : Luis y Miguel Córdoba, Scenography: Thyl Beniest y Sebastien Boucherit, Lighting: Thyl Beniest, Costume: Rosana Lugo Fábregas, Production: Doble Mandoble, Residencies: Latitud 50, La Roseraie y La Cascade, Co-production: Espace Catastrophe, Festival Humorologie y La Communauté française,