The untamed rings, Los aros indomables, Les anneux indomptes

The untamed rings

Imagine the legendary “Chinese rings” magic trick. Then imagine the classic duo of the magician and his assistant. Finally, imagine these two clichés operating with maximum incompatibility. What you get is an incompetent, outdated magician accompanied by a clumsy assistant who turns out to be more of a magician than the magician himself. The untamed rings is a clownesque-magic fusion, performed with amazing delicacy. Surprising, energetic and incredibly funny.

♠ First prize in world championship of magic FISM. Blackpool, England (2012)

♠ First prize in the magic competition “Macamagie” , Wavre, Bélgica (2008)

♠ Silver prize in Shanghai International Magic Competition. Shanghai. China (2012)

♠ Mandrake d’or. Paris, France (2014)

Performers the untamed rings: Luis y Miguel Córdoba, Staging assistant: Ezra Moreno, Produced by: Doble Mandoble